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"As for Chapman's music, well lets just say we are doing what every radio station in South Africa should be doing...His songs (all of them) are worthy of airplay anywhere"- The Unicorn - ZoneRadio Cape Town South Africa

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"Chapman's voice is warm and pleasant and he is musicality top-notch. His stage presence and energy is almost boundless"- Word Press


Based in Pretoria
South Africa
Genre: #Radio Rock #Pop #Alternative 
Label: ArrowHead Records
Bookings: ArrowHeadMusic Agency


About Me

“When we turn on the ten o clock news, we don’t remember the facts and figures; we remember the interpretation of the facts and figures. We want to know the story and how it relates to us as individuals. The stories we never forget are those inspirational tales that emotionally stir us to do more, have more, and be more”

Chapman was born in a small mining town in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. At birth, a serious medical condition caused severe breathing difficulties, and posed a very real threat to any kind of normal life in future. Despite this daunting prognosis, Chapman, defiled the odds with a mighty dream, extra ordinary drive and an unwavering faith in miracles.

Chapman’s wishes and desires have been fulfilled in developing a powerful voice, and honing an incredible vocal ability. Chapman has emerged as the complete package of mind, heart, body, creativity, strength, spirit, and talent. When you take Chapman’s pure, positive, productive values that he learnt growing up, and mix them up with his love and devotion for music, you end up with a young man full of deep respect and passion to ride the wild horse through the field of dreams. See Full Biography

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ArrowHead Records

Bookings & Management:
061 521 6437
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