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"Thank you for spending some time on my site, and for supporting me. As you may well be aware, doing music in today's day and age, very often just comes down to the passion and absolute love we have for creating & producing music. It's kind of our source of sanity in a way.

Anyway, this drive, passion, and love to create music, unfortunately costs quite a bit of money, especially in recordings. All the while just about nothing comes in to music sales due to online streaming Spotify/ iTunes /YouTube.

So you want to support? Here's a few ways you can do it.


1. Share as much as you can.  I'll give you some links to share below. (right click and select "copy link address")


2. Go onto Spotify and stream as much as you can. Spotify algorithms recognize this as activity, and in turn bump the songs up into bigger playlists (click on Spotify icon)

3. You can support by buying my music. (Although you could stream it for just a fraction, it feels nice to have bought something and support)


4. You can donate. The donation funds are used to further market the songs, pay subscription, influencers, radio pluggers and bloggers. It's really the only way to get it out there. If you donate (min $10), I'll give you access to all my recordings, old and new, and place you on a list to receive any new songs in advance, well before its release.   

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Thank you for your support

Loisten to SA's Featured Artist of the week July 2019 ZoneRadioVictor James Chapman
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Modern Rock singer/songwriter & performer with an amazing difference. Think of mixing up good old school 80 & 90's rock music, with the likes of the current indie rock millennial sound, and there you have it The all NEW Victor James Chapman

With more than 25 years of performance experience, and having done over 500 shows in just the past 2 years, fasten your seat belt and get ready for an awesome journey.

“Chapman’s voice works exceptionally well with an edgy sound” says Chuck Sugar, president of the National Association of Artists in Nashville TN, USA. Chapman was selected by NACAS (National Association of Artists) as one of five winning vocalists worldwide, which was held held in Nashville, with over 3000 entries from all over the globe.

See full biography​


Preview "CRAZY If Shes Not Taken"